Enrichment Days w/ Ron

For the seventh year in a row, Ron Luyet held the much appreciated workshop Enrichment Days at Piperska Muren in Stockholm, Sweden in February 2014.

Kontinet on Allt för Hälsan

Hillevi runs a community called Kontinet, highlighting the closeted problem of incontinence. Addressing the topic of a condition that a fourth of all adult women are suffering from.

Fast, faster, VirtualStores

A spankingly new website for the exciting fast mover VirtualStores. If you are a big department store like City Gross, and wishes to open up a new store where a lot of people are already in motion – open a VirtualStore. To deliver on time and on a tight budget, we chose WordPress:

I’m getting Passionated

I have recently had the good fortune to work with two very passionate skiers – Pia and Eva. They offer a travel and skiing experience extraordinaire, with destinations like Chamonix France, Verbier in Switzerland, and Åre in Sweden. You stay at high profile hotels, have yoga in the morning, coached skiing sessions, therapeutic massages, lectures on mindfullness and really good dining. All in the company of other women who are passionated about skiing and living a good life.

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Today is Cinnamon Bun Day!

The 4th of October is Cinnamon Bun Day in Sweden. Since ”Cinnamon Bun” is the direct translation of the company name, we will celebrate. If you happen to be dropping by the office today, chances are you’ll get treated with some sticky, sugary buns of cinnamon.

Wireless@KTH on new wheels

We are releasing a new website for Wireless@KTH – a research center focused on wireless systems and communications, at the Royal Institute of Technology in Kista, Stockholm. We have a strong focus on the events and activities, which form a hub of new ideas and interesting meetings between scientists and companies in the field.

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Smaka på Jernhusen

This is a gig for the company that owns all railway stations in Sweden. They recently modernized the 100-year-old Centralstationen in Stockholm, making room for and opening up lots of new stores and boutiques. This is about the campaign to attract new and returning costumers. Anders Klapp did the photo, I did edit and post.

Steve Miller on implicit career search

Leif Cervin (the Human Element Sweden) interviewed Steve Miller about Implicit Career Search, as Steve was running workshops in Stockholm. “What is Implicit Career Search, how did you come up with the idea, and what are you doing in Sweden?”.

Gary Copeland – Customers for Life

In January of 2012, Gary Copland held a program on The Human Element® in Customer Relations in Stockholm, Sweden. Between sessions, Leif Cervin had time to sit down with Gary for an interview. Gary explains why FIRO theory is important when training staff in handling customers, and gives a few examples why it is wise to train your staff in customer relations.