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Hållbart närmast hjärtat.

K-märkt är en kedja restauranger med hållbarhet som ledstjärna, och valdes förra året till Sveriges mest hållbara krog. Inga menyer, lunchen lagas på lunchen och inget matsvinn. Stjärnkrogsmat till bricklunch. Vinkännaren och krögaren Jens Dolk förklarar hur NORDAQs vatten passar perfekt i sammanhanget. Intervju för NORDAQ ( – stjärnkockarnas favoritvatten. Gör att ditt lokala kranvatten blir ett premiumvatten, vilket restauranger och hotell världen över har upptäckt.

Guardio – smarta skyddsprodukter

Guardio är ett vaket företag som gör smarta skyddsprodukter till bygg- och industribranschen. Skyddskåpor med aktiv brusreducering och styrning via telefonen och Mips™ i skyddshjälmarna. Helt enkelt i framkant. Vi har hjälpt Guardio med rörligt material.

Årets snabbaste OCH chillaste event

Jag filmade årets snabbaste OCH chillaste event – Mercedes-AMG Driving Experience i Falkenberg, förstås. Det är sedan gammalt. Här är en kort recap:

Kristofer söker nya kollegor

Just nu behöver Forsen nya kollegor till sina kontor i Göteborg, Halmstad och Malmö. Bästa sättet att känna efter hur det känns är att se och höra Kristofer berätta om varför han trivs på Forsen. Filmad “on location” hos HSB brf Amundö Äng, i Brottkärr utanför Göteborg.

Outlook on the Swedish Pension fund system

What are the changes in the Swedish pension fund system, this autumn of 2018? Anna Gårdö, Director have a chat with Eva Broms, Senior Advisor and Emelie Antonisen, Manager at FCG.

Welcome to Falkenberg

Mercedes-AMG Driver Experience at Falkenberg race course in southern Sweden has some 100 participants every year. The event takes place over two months and is hosted by top drivers that coach you to make the most out of an Mercedes-AMG. Edward Sandström and I went for a final inspection before the event. And you can’t believe what happened next …

Edward on ice

Edward Sandström’s day job is a race car driver. We caught him just below the Arctic Circle in Arjeplog in northern Sweden, where he attended the Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC Adventure 2018. He has got a few inside tips on how to stay safe on the winter roads for you.

How to park a Mercedes-Benz

This is a series of how-to-videos for Mercedes-Benz owners, presented by the Swedish product specialists. First out is how to use the Parking Assistant. Short and sweet. Produced together with Genberg & Co.

#whatsyourdream with Staffan and Marika

Staffan and Marika are two very passionate, dedicated and energizing young athletes that I have the pleasure of presenting in a few short videos for Mercedes-Benz Sweden.

Experts in ground construction needed

Kristian Stenshamn got his BSc in Civil Engineering in the States, while playing defensive end for the college football team. Now he’s one of Forsen’s heavy guys in construction with a flair for quays, docks, and bridges. This is a recruitment video. Hut, hut …

Mercedes-Benz remotely controlled snow plows

This is an adaptation for Swedish social media about the Mercedes-Benz trucks that are part of the “Automated Airfield Ground Maintenance” (AAGM) project cooperated between Daimler and the airport company Fraport, that supports and maintains some 20 airports around the world. Read more at the campaign site: (Swedish) Agency: Genberg&Co

Ski the magic Swedish Lapland

Do you want to ski in the midnight sun? Outstanding heli skiing service in the northernmost part of Sweden, and great lodging at Abisko Mountain Lodge. This is a short promo for social media that I filmed in May 2017. The purpose of the film is to fill the bookings for spring 2018.

Fjällräven Bergtagen

Fjällräven is a Swedish worldwide outdoor brand with a long and prestigious heritage, known to most people for the “Kånken” – the “ABBA” of backpacks. This fall they have released a line of clothing for use and the abuse of the weather above the tree line – “Bergtagen”. I have contributed with interior shots of the International Mountainguide Stefan Palm, while feedbacking the design team, going through the samples.

Star of Stars Mantorp Park

As expected, Mika Auvinen became the Nordic Trophy champion once again with his Mercedes Actros 2663 – “Lowrider” – as the audience and the jury voted for their favorite. We were the to cover the event for Mercedes Trucks Sweden with the agency: Genberg & Co

She’s Mercedes – AMG 50 years

AMG is much closer to being a racing car than a standard sedan. This happy gang of gals got a two-day coaching session with one of Swedens most experienced racing and rally drivers, on the racetrack in Falkenberg.

We love the sun (roofs) in Sweden

A campaign clip for Mercedes-Benz V-Class. The kids use the sunroof to keep an eye on their drone. I shot this in Österlen in the south of Sweden together with Genberg & Co.

It happens in Halmstad

Lina works as a project manager for the Swedish Construction Management company Forsen. Currently, she is building a new recycling plant on the west coast of Sweden. This short film is a series of films for recruitment and brand awareness.