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People you can trust in Göteborg

Everyone driving a truck or a van know that a vehicle is as good its engine workshop. And a workshop is only as good as its individual technician.
People with knowledge. People you can trust. And you will find the likes of these in your Mercedes-Benz workshop.

Mercedes-Benz wants to raise awareness of the truck and van drivers and owners, that there are trustworthy can-do mechanics and technicians out in the field who can help you.

While scouting Sweden for great technicians, Genberg & Co shot some video of the places they visited. I have edited and put together these one-minute spots.

You can read about the campaign here: www.mercedes-benz.se/people

Grand (re)opening of the Central Station in Stockholm

When the Central Station in Stockholm was put in use, a good 150 years ago, it never had a proper opening. Usually things as important as this is opened by the King. Since the whole building was sinking into the clay foundation, a major modernization over five years put the building on steel stilts, replacing the original wooden ones, and created 15.000 sqm of new commercial area. In April this year the Crown princess Victoria finally opened the Central Station properly. I made this together with Anders Klapp @klapp.co in April 2014.

Insurance Awards

The Swedish Insurance Awards is the biggest and only award ceremony for the business. I was there to capture the celebration.

NIBE tough heaters

NIBE gives their heaters a hard time before putting them on the market. This “slideshow” will spin at a trade fair for resellers. Done in cooperation with Genberg & Co.

Enrichment Days w/ Ron

For the seventh year in a row, Ron Luyet held the much appreciated workshop Enrichment Days at Piperska Muren in Stockholm, Sweden in February 2014.

Kontinet on Allt för Hälsan

Hillevi runs a community called Kontinet, highlighting the closeted problem of incontinence. Addressing the topic of a condition that a fourth of all adult women are suffering from.

Smaka på Jernhusen

This is a gig for the company that owns all railway stations in Sweden. They recently modernized the 100-year-old Centralstationen in Stockholm, making room for and opening up lots of new stores and boutiques. This is about the campaign to attract new and returning costumers. Anders Klapp did the photo, I did edit and post.

Gary Copeland – Customers for Life

In January of 2012, Gary Copland held a program on The Human Element® in Customer Relations in Stockholm, Sweden. Between sessions, Leif Cervin had time to sit down with Gary for an interview. Gary explains why FIRO theory is important when training staff in handling customers, and gives a few examples why it is wise to train your staff in customer relations.